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Marketing release info for Help People Share

For those who want accelerated growth in volunteer participation,
enjoyment and productivity to compliment any of your current project management tools and objectives.     --   Look no further than the dynamic---

Help People Share  --  volunteer availability tracking & instant notification immediate use mobile phone and tablet app for humanitarian projects.*

The innovations and benefits are endless with this mobile volunteer availability database that tracks, sorts, notifies and links-up people instantly with others when a real-time request for assistance is submitted.

The features & benefits are immediate with a live online database that
uses a simple mobile app that helps people share a new reliable, safe and
creative expression of abundance and gratitude with instant responses

of help from a growing pool of available volunteers and resources.

*Volunteers, co-workers and pre-registered members will all be within an existing online membership community and will be pre-approved by the group leaders ahead of time to allow for security maximizing accountability and minimizing all exposure to liability to the phone app company and it's various independent distributors.


Current status of the app is at 90% complete as:

1) The primary core PHP mySQL database functionality is complete and validated by the Computer Department Chairman and professor of an accredited university. For reference, a signed & edited review report, from the professor found within the returned email regarding the submitted database tables.

2) Graphic logos, domain names registered and extensive strategic step by step guide checklists and notes to create the app & direct it to maintain a clear purpose & direction through launch, distribution & marketing with a focused strategy to preserve the power of a simple 1 to 1 person concept.

3) A team with extraordinary experience and operational focus on automation
and efficiency that utilizes current priority-based
project and resource collaborative management software [Liquid Planner] combined with precisely created in-house file organization formulas [Bizfile]
set on up to date knowledge base access and storage interfaces [The Brain].

APP has at least 12 usage groups:

1) - Phone app uses with people
1A - 1 on 1 volunteering
1B - Project managers to volunteers
1C - Company --human resources for call outs
1D - Many other similar Staffing uses
1E - The group asks for multiple scheduling availability

2) - Asset Sharing Uses
2A - Individual asks for tool for a job
2B - Individual asks for a commuter ride
2C - Individual asks for a long-range lift or ride
2D - Group asks for one tool or service
2E - Group asks for multiple shared assets

3) - Automated triggering by level or status
3A - refill supplies when certain numbers reached
3B - timed release triggers - - -

- 1f


I wish to give this away and give 100% credit to
those who distribute it. I need someone and at
least two others to be the team that creates the app.
I wish anonymity.
Basic business plan is 90% complete to preserve the simple
powerful 1 on 1 concept.
The five core DataBase tables are 95% set to be built onto
using the existing notes.