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Site Launched on - September 11, 2011, ---- 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.


 Help People Share
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Connecting spontaneous calls for help with people that are available to volunteer at the time it is needed. Works within an organization or group like a club, meetup, church or company where the person asking for help is in the same circle of people that the respondents who volunteer or participate are registered in. So security and accountability rests within the closed group of members allowing instant acceptance of using the App.


*Volunteers are needed to assist in completing this innovative Request for Help & Response App,
where the current PHP database tables in mySQL are complete and functioning for testing. It now requires integration to the two most poular mobile app user interfaces (Android and iPhone) which an app programmer can complete into an installable package for use on the customers host server or in a cloud service within just a few dozen hours of work. We plan to request help of a programmer to assist in this project or launch crowdfunding. Referral to mobile app developer for time donation or three bid requests on prototype to present package for crowdfunding will be registered.
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Help People Share App
Brochure and the many uses


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--Idea for domain App project created Dec 23, 2003 --
Original post date for this domain name was Sept. 11, 2011.


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